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on Thursday, 15 March 2012
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HELD MONDAY 30‘th MAY 2011
Present: President Greg Broad: Vice President Daniel Robinson, Treasurer
Tony Mutter, Daryl Smell and Andy Brodersen

Visitors: Jo-Ann Miller MLA, Cr Milton Dick and Toni Gibbs

Apologies: Kerry Silver, Ron Judge md Mitch Dodrill

President Greg declared the meeting open at 7.40pm Apologies were taken and Greg
welcomed the visitors and then suspended the meeting in order that the visitors could
give their reports.

Miiton Dick distributed draft conference agendas for the 48th State Conference 18th /
19th June. Miiton reported that for the Oxley electorate he, Ramsay, Donohue and
Hunt were elected as delegates.
Milton also reported that the party had receiwed a large number of complaints about
the treatment policy holders had received from their insurance companies and that
there were many requests for insurance policies to be written in a language that
ordinary citizens could understand.
Milton distributed copies of an urgent motion to the State Conference asking in details
for insurance policies to be made easier to understand and also to provide a standard
definition of flood covers in future natural disasters. Motion moved by Milton Dick
and seconded by Toni Gibbs. Everyone at the meeting applauded this motion.
Toni Gibbs suggested that maybe there was a need for other branches to submit
similar motions to the conference.

A Brodersen to T Gibbs: "Why did you come to our last branch meeting and say you
were going to run in the pre-selection despite the pressure you said you were
receiving, only to then pull out of the race a couple of weeks Later?

T Gibbs replied: ‘ I was still intending to run up until I pulled out. it was not until I
started getting pressure from the Prernier’s office, who said it wasn't a good look and
didn’t present a unified party if I continued to run, when I decided to pull out.

Daryl Small reported that two Goodna property owners were discriminated against
both with insurance and flood relief.

Jo-Ann Miller MLA reported that most businesses had not been included in flood
relief and that even Suncorp did not cover businesses and Jo-Ann and Milton agreed
that there were many angry business owners.
Jo-Ann also recommended that everyone affected by flood should apply for assistance
and that if they went to MAY Employment in Queens Street, Goodna and asked for
the Department-of Community officer, they wouid get help filling out the required
claim forms, They could also phone 3227 7111 and ask for the nearest Community
Recovery Centre.

Toni Gibbs also reported that there had been many complaints of insurance companies
sending out shoddy builders, and that some had even informed the people that
rewiring was not required even though the properties had been fully or severley

Jo-Ann also reported that the previous day she had attended the official opening of the
new very impressive Springfield Parkland, and that work has now started on the new
Richland so Springfiels railway. Jo-Ann told the meeting rhat a new bus turn-around
will soon be built at Redbank Plaza outside the Cinemas. Daryl Small asked if this
construction would create an impass, Jo-Ann said no, as it is just a big roundabout.
Finally Jo-Ann reported that NAB Bank will relocate from Goodna to Redbank Plaza
this spring.

Presedent Greg again thanked the visitors for taking the time to come and report for which
we were all grateful.

After the visitors left the general meeting was commenced, As Secretary Kerry was
ill, there were no munites from the previuos meeting.

Treasurer Tany reported that our account balance was $226.19. He moved his report
be accepted, seconded by Daryl. Carried.

Daryl reported that Mitch Dodrill has suggested that we have a joint B-B-Q gathering
with the Goodna branch and possibly the Springfield branch at his home, and that
such a gathering would give us an oppoitunity to discuss matters which affect our
party. This suggestion was enthusiastically recommended and Mitch to find a suitable
Sunday. Motion moved by Darvl, seconded by Tony.  Carried.

President Greg declared the meeting closed at 8.40pm.
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